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About The XML Library

The XML Library is designed to assist organisations in deploying XML as the standard for B2B integration and communication. The files available within the packages are based on the REIMSnet eXchange Format (RXF), a standardised set of XML schemas and specifications supporting the typical business cycle. The RXF has been developed by SAA Consultants to assist organisations in rapidly implementing XML as part of their B2B environment. Read more about RXF.

The Packages

Within each transaction type, e.g. Credit Note, a Schema package is available, containing XML schemas and sample XML files, as well as supplementary guidelines. An XSL package is available containing transformation scripts and stylesheets to support integration requirements and to enable XML to be rendered within a browser. The Applications Transformations package supports advanced integration requirements. For these packages you will be advised to contact to state your requirements and arrange for access.

The download packages are compressed into zip files. Although all files have been fully virus checked and tested by SAA Consultants, users are advised to virus check and test upon receipt before applying files to their own procedures.


If you are a customer of SAA Consultants, login to the Customer Centre to access the extended range of customer downloads.

For open access, the XML Library offers the opportunity to subscribe to the package downloads. Subscribers will be issued with a user name and password, and will need to login to activate their packages.

For more information about subscribing to any of the packages within the XML Library, please E-Mail

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