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REIMSnet eXchange Format


The REIMSnet eXchange Format (RXF) delivers a standardised set of XML commercial documents, that support the B2B trading cycle, to enable organisations to rapidly implement B2B functionality and application integration. The set of transactions, based on a common architecture and common vocabulary are:

  • Partner Information
  • Product Information
  • Price Information
  • Planning Report
  • Stock Report
  • Delivery Forecast
  • Order
  • Order Response
  • Order Change
  • Status Message
  • Delivery Notification
  • Invoice
  • Statement
  • Remittance Advice
  • Credit Note.

For each transaction type, the RXF provides the schemas that support the trading cycle, presentation and transformation scripts in XSL to simplify and speed up the implementation, and a set of guidelines showing how the XML can be used in different scenarios.

SAA Consultants, with extensive experience in the B2B marketplace, has designed and developed the RXF to be suitable for deployment across the spectrum of B2B implementations, including:

  • Application to application transaction exchange
  • Web front-end to legacy ERP (including catalogue)
  • Web applications (including trading exchanges)
  • Document delivery and publishing over IP networks.


Using the RXF brings significant benefits in two ways:

  • Firstly, an individual organisation can save considerable time and cost by using the RXF because the research, background understanding and document building has all been done by specialists within the field of XML and B2B
  • Secondly, the RXF is available now for immediate effect, whilst other standards bodies are still developing their standards, or do not support the complete trading cycle.

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